Welcome to Reflet.

Reflet is the story of a small village lost in the middle of surrounding plains. It’s up to you to construct your own narrative, to follow the inhabitants through the 15 different locations, and to discover the secrets they keep.

  • This village is a digital space inside which you can move around freely. Use your arrow keys ← and → to navigate from place to place.
  • To keep track of your location, you can consult the village map in the "Where am I ?" tab.
  • The Reflet villagers live in real time and independently. Their history repeats itself every 24 hours. If you missed something, you can come back another day at the same time to watch it unfold again.
  • Once a character starts to move within the village, it takes about 1 minute for them to reach their destination. If, after 1 minute, they are not present at the location to which they were headed, it’s because they decided to go somewhere else, invisible to you.

Where am I ?
Damien JIBERT received his National Diploma in Visual Arts in 2014 at the EMA Fructidor, an art school situated in the city of Chalon-sur-Saône. He quickly developed an interest in video and animation, which together made him begin to question his own reality. He has participated in several festivals, namely the Sosh aime les inRocks Lab video production contest, where he took the Special Prize for his work Journal.

Pablo ALBANDEA has a master’s degree in film and audiovisual research, which he received in 2015 at the Panthéon-Sorbonne university in Paris. His training led him to become a VJ (Video Jockey) and to examine the relational aspects that make up today’s images. He also uses his time to create clips for different artists, notably Lëster, with whom he collaborates regularly.

Damien and Pablo started working together at an early age, and developed common interests, ranging from classical cinema to Internet culture and video games, all thanks to a small film club called the Cinemaclachlan. The world inside Reflet is a narrative space as well as a contemplative one. It functions as a perpetual, mechanical, and digital unit, in which the characters evolve according to planned, repetitive actions. The perception of time is different inside Reflet and can be approached in two differents ways : stopping in on occasion, or staying connected for long periods of time to observe.

The relational element is also important in Reflet. The exchanging of ideas and the carrying out of discussions between users in regards to characters, places and music, or one’s own experience in general, is an important part of the project. In short, users are building a connection between the digital world of Reflet and the real world of human interaction.

Reflet was in the Hors Pistes 2015 Festival programmation in the Centre Pompidou.


Audrey Balducci (Anique) / Sophie Mère (Béatrice) / Flore Simon (Dominique) / Virginie Lucke (Carole) / Pierre Pagny (Charles) / Leeloo Lardemer (Clara) / Deborah Klintz (Clémentine) / Charlotte Chaland (Émilie) / Mathis Laville (Eric) / Frédéric Dechelotte (Fred) / Benoît Dagbert (Georges) / Miguel Fernandez (Gilles) / Clément Strametto (Hans) / Charlie Perrault (Jacques) / Jérémie Perrin (Jean-Claude) / Jason Delabays (Joël) / Meyrin Sande (Justin) / Pierre Bailly (Léon) / Sami Merabet (Lilian) / Jean-Jacques Parquier (Le maire) / Houria Garroumi (Mathilde) / Yldrim Kaytmaz (Phil) / Victor Chaland (Thomas) / Elisabeth Martino (Véronique) / Kevin Charpentier (Zack)


Damien Jibert and Pablo Albandea (Scénario and réalisation) / Edouard Herbin (Dialogues) / LËSTER (Musique) / Kwang Il Her, Garam Choi (Montage and post-production) / Vincent Miquel (Développeur web) / Cécile Poirier (Chargée de production) / Quentin Rignault (Directeur artistique) / Houria Garroumi (Directrice de casting) / Lucie Ascione (Assistante réalisateurs) / Romane Jibert, Kwan Il Her, Garam Choi (Décors) / Chloé Bouhon, Manon Corone (Consultantes image) / Sébastien Pierlet (Son) / Sébastien Pierlet, Eliot Henoux (Perchistes) / Maxime Ducharme (Script) / Fanny Partouche, Célia Fremondière (Assistants opérateurs) / Thais Dubois, Sarah Mesqui (Accessoiristes) / Manon Nunne, Pauline Le Goff Rousseau, Nawal El Meridi, Leane Souillot (Maquillage / Costumes) / Louise Pelordet (Photographe de plateau) / Marie Roland (Régie) / Marie Bock (Seconde assistante réalisateurs) /


Jacques Vannet / Armèle Portelli / Pascal Mieszala / Dominique Pasqualini / Jérémy Ledda / Ludovic Labouré / Gabriel Bloch / Tony Gagniarre / Olivier Chambin / Thomas Jacquier / Simon Joliet / M. and Mme. Joliet / Patricia Nardin / M. and Mme Chaudot / Catherine Lanterne / La Mairie D’Izeure / Père Thierry De Marsac / Géraldine Gomez / Charlène Dinhut / Anna Hess / Alain Della Negra / Pablo Houise / Christine Bonnaud / Valeriya Malinova / Dominique Cartier / Kyle Maclachlan

Shot at Chalon-sur-Saône in the Espace des Arts with the help from Chrysalide Studios and Ema Fructidor.